Radical Declutter - Streamline your Life

Radical Declutter : Streamline your Life

  • Remove Everything you don’t need
  • Focus on Wealth Creation
  • Be Poised to achieve Freedom


Modern day consumerism has had the unfortunate effect of straddling all of us with unnecessary stuff. We now have masses of stuff that we don’t need, that’s outdated, out of vogue and just plain useless. This is a pity because it actually consumes not only our time, effort and money, but also our mental energy.

Remove everything you don’t need

The idea of Radical Decluttering is a fascinating one. We have so much stuff these days that is absolutely useless; it consumes our lives in the the most unfortunate ways. All our CD’s and DVDs from a few decades ago just take up space. Just like me, you’ve probably got a graveyard of old cell phones that can only be used for bricks now. And quite likely, just like me you’ve got some trendy clothes that’s now too embarrassed to give away; Hopefully in two decades time, the trend will roll around again and the clothes will be fashionable once more.

Radical Declutter is all about taking a serious hard look at what you don’t need and getting rid of it. This process is very critical; you don’t reminisce about attachments to you have stuff. If it’s not aligned to your big goals; get rid of it. The entire objective behind Radical Declutter is to shift your effort and energy from the useless to the productive. And once you’re done, the breathe of fresh air you feel is amazing. Your ability to focus on the important things becomes easier.

Radical Declutter removes the stuff you don’t need from your life.

Focus on Wealth Creation

Perhaps the most beneficial thing I’ve found from performing Radical Declutter regularly, is that you start to focus on the intangible rather than the tangible. Stuff …really is just that; Stuff. It’s meaningless. The worst thing about it, is that it costs you in ways you never thought possible. Stuff forces you to pay for maintenance, storage, cleaning, insurance, security, etc. And all of this adds up. And it adds up to a mighty big bill. Ultimately you can’t do the things you want to do, because all this stuff holds you down.

After completing a Radical Decluttter (and it’s doesn’t need to be perfect), you will notice that you’ve got a ton more disposable income that you can play around with. You can use this additional cash to reduce debts, start saving, open a small business, get some Bitcoin or buy an amazing experience. You become freer to grow your wealth, and as mentioned most wealth is intangible.


A while back, I watched this interesting interview with a monk called Dandapani and he spoke about his experiences as a monk. One thing that stuck out for me, was what he said about his induction into the monastery. When you become a monk of the monastery you must relinquish practically everything you own. You’re only allowed to keep a handful of items. I recall thinking that must be so scary to give up everything. But the reason they do this, is so that the monk can keep his mind focused on his spiritual duties and in so doing achieve higher spiritual enlightenment. I thought this was fascinating and profound. You give up your physical worldly possessions so that you may attain something greater.

I can see this same type of idea being applied to our Freedom and Wealth, both of which are highly intangible and without any physicality. If we give up our useless possessions and radically declutter then we can be poised to focus on achieving what really matters to us.


Tyler Durden said best in Fight Club “The things you own, end up owning you”. Radical Decluttering on regular basis, even if it’s not perfect, represents a stunning way to gain control over your life by removing what you don’t need and getting what you do want. At the very least it will give you some room to breathe. And a clear space and mind is always a great place to start.

Photo by Samantha Gades on Unsplash


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