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  • Central Bank Digital Currencies will Fail

    Central Bank Digital Currencies will Fail

    There’s been a lot of talk around central bank digital currencies lately. That’s not surprising given that the world is experiencing massive financial turbulence. In fact world powers are looking for any way out of their current financial woes.View post to subscribe to site newsletter.

  • The Green King – A Book about Greatness

    The Green King – A Book about Greatness

    There are many novels that have an incredible story, compelling characters and big ideas. But there are few that do it so well.

  • Is your Money Vegan?

    Is your Money Vegan?

    You eat vegan food, you wear vegan clothing, your household is vegan, but have you considered if your money is vegan??

  • Saving Money versus Making Money,  Which is Better?

    Saving Money versus Making Money, Which is Better?

    It’s always easy to find tons of information about how to make money, and it’s always easy to find tons of information on how to save money. But rarely do we find information that discusses the subtle relationship between these two. And the distinction is indeed quite important.

  • Have you Perfected a Skill?

    Have you Perfected a Skill?

    There is a strong relationship between perfecting a skill and freedom. Many people don’t see it, but it’s there, and it’s important. In fact it’s so important that if we fail to master a skill or even just come close to it, then we will fail to unlock some of our biggest opportunities. This is…

  • Radical Declutter : Streamline your Life

    Radical Declutter : Streamline your Life

    Modern day consumerism has had the unfortunate effect of straddling all of us with unnecessary stuff. We now have masses of stuff that we don’t need, that’s outdated, out of vogue and just plain useless. And this is a pity and bane because it actually consumes not only our time, effort and money, but also…

  • Leveraging the Gig Economy : AirBNB

    Leveraging the Gig Economy : AirBNB

    AirBNB has indeed been a massive boon to me. It has allowed to me increase my income, and it has taught me a lot about running a business, being a great host, and even how to maximize the use of my property assets. In this day in age, where costs are running rampant and traditional…

  • How Veganism solves Social Inequality

    How Veganism solves Social Inequality

    Using Maslows Hierarchy of needs as a starting point, we see how we can use Veganism to reduce food costs which is one of the major household costs. Reducing these food costs, its the biggest step towards financial stability and then social equality.

  • How Veganism Saves you Money

    How Veganism Saves you Money

    Veganism saves you money in many ways. This article discusses three of the ways. Namely that food is cheaper, healthcare costs are reduced as well as limiting your spending choices. This is a massive benefit of going Vegan and a welcome one.