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  • Vegans should own Bitcoin

    Vegans should own Bitcoin

    Vegan and Bitcoin are two words that you’ll never find in the same sentence. Even though these ideas seem quiet disparate I reckon there’s quite a bit of overlap.

  • Is your Retirement Policy Safe?

    Is your Retirement Policy Safe?

    This week I decided to check in on my retirement policy and see how it’s doing. After all with the stock markets being so volatile our policies could fluctuate drastically.

  • The Green King – A Book about Greatness

    The Green King – A Book about Greatness

    There are many novels that have an incredible story, compelling characters and big ideas. But there are few that do it so well.

  • Why I like BAT, and why you should too

    Why I like BAT, and why you should too

    Browsers are broken! Furthermore, the way we consume content is broken. If you go on to Facebook, and you browse around, then many nefarious things are happening to you. You are being tracked, your data is stored, and it is sold to advertisers who in turn use that information to sell you stuff that you…

  • Have you Perfected a Skill?

    Have you Perfected a Skill?

    There is a strong relationship between perfecting a skill and freedom. Many people don’t see it, but it’s there, and it’s important. In fact it’s so important that if we fail to master a skill or even just come close to it, then we will fail to unlock some of our biggest opportunities. This is…

  • 3 Ways to get the Most out of Toastmasters

    3 Ways to get the Most out of Toastmasters

    Toastmasters is perhaps the greatest organisation on the face of the planet. I am consistently amazed at what this organisation does. Its goal has always been to help people become better communicators. After 95 years in existence it is still going strong, with a massive bright future ahead. It pleases me to think of all…

  • The BDS Movement and South Africa

    The BDS Movement and South Africa

    Freedom day, the 27th of April 1994 is a significant date in South African history. This is the year that South Africa become a free democratic nation. After enduring three decades of the Apartheid regime people were free to live their lives, and all were allowed to vote in free and fair elections. The struggle…

  • Seriously…One Password!!

    Seriously…One Password!!

    We’ve all done it; we’ve all used the exact same password multiple times. We know we shouldn’t, but it’s just so easy. It’s just so comfortable sticking with the familiar, however, with so many personal data breaches taking place, my paranoid mind is compelling me to be more proactive about taking security seriously.

  • Radical Declutter : Streamline your Life

    Radical Declutter : Streamline your Life

    Modern day consumerism has had the unfortunate effect of straddling all of us with unnecessary stuff. We now have masses of stuff that we don’t need, that’s outdated, out of vogue and just plain useless. And this is a pity and bane because it actually consumes not only our time, effort and money, but also…

  • The Simplest Way to go Vegan

    The Simplest Way to go Vegan

    You’ve watched “The Game Changers” or “Cowspiracy”, or you’ve just read the latest IPCC report on Climate Change or maybe you’ve even been intrigued by some Vegan friends. And now you want to give this Vegan thing a go. But where do you start, and how do you start in a meaningful way so that…

  • Greening the Planet

    Greening the Planet

    Seven years ago I was very fortunate to partake in a local version of a broader global initiative called the FoodisFree project. I joined a meetup group that was trying launch one of these community gardens in the area. It was so cool to engage with a diverse set of like minded people who wanted…

  • Leveraging the Gig Economy : AirBNB

    Leveraging the Gig Economy : AirBNB

    AirBNB has indeed been a massive boon to me. It has allowed to me increase my income, and it has taught me a lot about running a business, being a great host, and even how to maximize the use of my property assets. In this day in age, where costs are running rampant and traditional…