World Day for Laboratory Animals


As a guy I don’t really concern myself too much with cosmetics, but a Vegan I’ve slowly come to realize the horrors that underlie the cosmetics industry. These horrors are unnecessary and unwarranted.

The idea that animals are experimented on just so that we can look good is ridiculous to me.

What’s worse is that is raises the question that if we need to test cosmetics on animals to determine their safety, then how good and safe can these cosmetics actually be from outset.

That’s why I’m glad that this awareness day exists – World Day for Laboratory Animals. It gives us a chance to shed light on an especially egregious part of animal abuse. One that is wholly unnecessary.

And it nots just confined to cosmetics, we abuse animals in medical experiments and science experiments.


In order to create the current set of COVID-19 vaccines, animals were tested on extensively.

It’s boggles my mind to think that we’re in this COVID-19 mess because we abused animals for food, and now we trying to get ourselves out of the mess by abusing another set of animals. More than likely this will cause another mess we’ll need to deal with.

Sign and share the petition ‘Cut animal tests to tackle COVID-19’ here


It recently dawned on me that I know of the first man who was sent into space, but in actuality the first earthling into space wasn’t a man at all.

In fact the first animal into space was a dog called Laika in 1957.

I know who Yuri Gagarin is, but I actually had to DuckDuckGo search to learn of the first animal into space. It made me realize that these animals are unwilling participants in these harrowing ordeals, and they don’t even get the glory of having their names remembered.

Irrespective of that, we should not be experimenting on animals in this way.

Save Ralph

Taika Waititi did a great job with Thor Ragnarok, but I think he did an even better job with Save Ralph and just in time for World Day for Laboratory Animals. If you haven’t seen you should check it out. This short film does a great job in shining the spotlight on the cruelty that lab animals face. Even though the film uses puppets it still succinctly conveys the horrors that lab animals experience.


As aforementioned I never really thought much about lab animals. But going Vegan compels you to think about it at some point.

I became a Vegan to stop Climate Change. That was the goal, and I implemented Veganism first with food. But somewhere along the line, you’re forced to recognize the the plight of other animals including that of lab animals. The conclusion that you inevitable come to is that these animals are also deserving of respect and freedom.

Adopting a Vegan lifestyle will bring about better well being for lab animals.


I’m glad that this day exists. I actually wasn’t aware of it. But now that I do, it seems only appropriate that I also the spread the awareness. I started off by saying that what we do to these animals is unnecessary and unwarranted. This is very true, and I believe that the best way to end their suffering is to go Vegan.

Photo by Satyabrata sm on Unsplash


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