Three Generations of HipHop and Veganism


It is so inspiring to see three generations of HipHop Legends sitting down to discuss Veganism. Those legends being Russel Simmons, Mya and Waka Flocka.

I never would have considered seeing it in my life, and yet there it is. For the full video, check it out below.

Here you’ve got three generations of HipHop legends discussing their own viewpoint on the subject of Veganism. This diversity of viewpoints is one of the reasons why I consider HipHop to be the only music genre that still has relevancy in todays changing musical landscape.

HipHop has always been about critical commentary on society. Its creators have always lead the way in setting new standards in that regard.

Russel Simmons

Russel Simmons is a HipHop icon. He is the man who brought us Beasties Boys, RunDMC, LL Cool J and even Jay-Z.

Side note : Beyonce and Jay-Z also both lead a vegan lifestyle.

Russel Simmons reason for going vegan is animal welfare. He goes so far as to mention that 100 billion animals are bred only for slaughter each year and this is a travesty. He further adds that this represents a Karmic disaster.

He has been vegan for over 20 years, and it always surprises me that his motivation to go vegan is heavily influenced by eastern philosophy. It’s very welcoming to see this viewpoint from such a legend.


This crazy talented woman has been making music since before the millennium. She has this amazing voice and she still looks incredible! To top all of that, her skills as dancer are brilliant. She looks incredible dancing an entire segment by herself.

Mya – My Love Is Like…Woah

Her reason for going vegan revolves around Will Power Challenges. She leveled up from pescatarian, then to vegetarian and finally vegan. And with the journey came an increase in knowledge and awakening of consciousness that leads to the truth.

She has a beautiful phrase, that after going vegan “you see the process not the product”. Powerful words!

Waka Flocka Flame

Waka Flocka is a musician I’m less familiar with, so I went ahead and listened to his music. And no joke, this guys can rock a room.

His reasons for going Vegan revolve more around health and wanting to feel better. This results in his stage performances being that much better. And yet again the journey has opened his eyes to chemicals and carcinogens found in meat based products.

Ether da Connect x Waka Flocka x Swipey “Waka” (Remix)
Waka Flocka Flame and Raury make blueberry muffins


Here we’ve got three hiphop icons from three generations with three different reasons for going vegan. And yet the message is the same : stopping consuming animal based products.

I’m so amazed to see that HipHop is as socially relevant as ever it has ever been. When more Hip Hop artists of this caliber start speaking the message of Veganism then there’s no doubt the movement is going to blow up.

Photo Photo by Lians Jadan on Unsplash

From Beats to Beets: Hip-Hop Goes Vegan



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