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  • Guys should do Yoga.

    Guys should do Yoga.

    It makes sense for us guys to do Yoga. The foundational benefits it’s provides are profound and significantly enables other physical activities. Beyond that the benefits it provides to our state of mind and immune system are incredibly useful.

  • 3 Foods to Boost your Vegan Athleticism

    3 Foods to Boost your Vegan Athleticism

    When I went Vegan I very quickly noticed a surge in speed, power, performance and endurance. Having always been a contrarian, rather than go to the gym, I saw this a reason to never go the gym. After all I was getting gains for free! I’m lean forever and I never need to workout; Sold!

  • ParkRuns and Plant Powered

    ParkRuns and Plant Powered

    I hate running! Or at least I used to hate it. All I recall about running is pain inflicted upon the body and mind. My sole thought after my first 5km run was : “Now I know why people invented cars!” However this opinion of my mine has radically changed over the past few months. I now appreciate running as something quite rewarding. I now see why people like it so much. Let me tell you what happened.

  • I Started off 2020 Right – This is what I did

    I Started off 2020 Right – This is what I did

    Usually when a new year rolls around I’m still in bed recovering from the festivities. Starting off a new year with a dull headache and reflexively hitting that snooze button doesn’t bode well for all of my best intentioned plans for the year. However, not only is this a new year but a new decade, and I wanted to start things off right. This is what I did.