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  • Is your Money Vegan?

    Is your Money Vegan?

    You eat vegan food, you wear vegan clothing, your household is vegan, but have you considered if your money is vegan??

  • Have your Cake and Eat it

    Have your Cake and Eat it

    A big challenge in growing wealth, is that the assets you acquire only have single purpose utility. You can use it for one thing and one thing only.

  • Leveraging the Gig Economy : AirBNB

    Leveraging the Gig Economy : AirBNB

    AirBNB has indeed been a massive boon to me. It has allowed to me increase my income, and it has taught me a lot about running a business, being a great host, and even how to maximize the use of my property assets. In this day in age, where costs are running rampant and traditional rentals aren’t as profitable, it’s good to know that services like AirBNB provide better value.