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  • Midrand Extraordinaires Toastmasters : Making an Impact

    Midrand Extraordinaires Toastmasters : Making an Impact

    Our Toastmasters club, Midrand Extraordinaires has been growing nicely indeed. Our members have been impressing us with amazing and inspirational speeches.

  • Bitcoin : leveling the play field between novice and expert

    Bitcoin : leveling the play field between novice and expert

    Cryptocurrencies in particular are still so new, that many people from professional investors to novices have the same knowledge; they’re now on the same level playing field. It’s a great equalizer and that means for once the quest for wealth is really about survival of the fittest.

  • Bodhgayashanthi Sanctuary Mural

    Bodhgayashanthi Sanctuary Mural

    I had a fantastic opportunity to paint a mural at the Bodhgayashanthi Sanctuary in Midrand. This mural turned out exceptional well. I am quite proud. This is case of all the values aligning and resulting a thing of beauty coming into existence.

  • Growing yourself through Books

    Growing yourself through Books

    The insights contained inside of books are profound. They represent this brilliant record of all human history and thought. As much as I don’t like reading them, delving into them has delivered immense value, that has shaped my thoughts and views. After reading a good couple of them, you begin to realise you’re more a…

  • Consistency Creates Craftsmanship

    Consistency Creates Craftsmanship

    Craftsmanship is all about that additional level of effort, that takes something from being good to great. But first, we need to make sure that we’re good at what we do, and that’s why consistency with practice is so important.

  • My Second Portrait Drawing of Natalie Portman

    My Second Portrait Drawing of Natalie Portman

    The 214th drawing that I’ve posted on Instagram shows some really big improvements in my artistic skill. My ability has grown in areas of likeness, proportions and speed. The consistent practice has definitely paid off and I’m looking to do whole lot more.

  • How Veganism Saves you Money

    How Veganism Saves you Money

    Veganism saves you money in many ways. This article discusses three of the ways. Namely that food is cheaper, healthcare costs are reduced as well as limiting your spending choices. This is a massive benefit of going Vegan and a welcome one.

Got any book recommendations?