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  • Why you should Read Old Books

    Why you should Read Old Books

    It’s very hard to travel to another country to get to see how people live. It’s even harder to spend enough time in a foreign land and see how people think. But with books you can do all of that, and even see how people lived and thought way back in the the day. View…

  • Jack Vettriano – The Singing Butler

    Jack Vettriano – The Singing Butler

    I absolutely adore this painting. It’s a painting by Jack Vettriano – it’s called The Singing Butler and it was produced in 1992.

  • If Corporations Invest in Art, Shouldn’t You?

    If Corporations Invest in Art, Shouldn’t You?

    I have worked in a number of corporations throughout my career, and I found it quite odd that many of them had these remarkable art galleries. It really took me by surprise, but nevertheless being an artist myself I was extremely happy to explore them. I never really enjoyed working in corporations so the opportunity…

  • Have you Perfected a Skill?

    Have you Perfected a Skill?

    There is a strong relationship between perfecting a skill and freedom. Many people don’t see it, but it’s there, and it’s important. In fact it’s so important that if we fail to master a skill or even just come close to it, then we will fail to unlock some of our biggest opportunities. This is…

  • The Opportunities of Open Source

    The Opportunities of Open Source

    Open Source mainly refers to software. It’s this idea that code for software is freely available and open for modification. Hence the name Open Source. Ergo, it also means that the software itself is freely available too. Yet Open Source software still hasn’t reached mass adoption; and I honestly wonder Why.

  • The Princess of Mars

    The Princess of Mars

    Every once in while I read an old book that is at least a century old. I like doing this because it gives me insight into how people wrote and hence how people thought along time ago. You can get a feeling for what the sentiment and thinking was like back then.

  • BIC Art Master Competition : Africa 2019

    BIC Art Master Competition : Africa 2019

    At the beginning of this month I was really pleased to see a post about an art competition in my Instagram feed. The competition was by BIC to produce some artwork about Africa. This really piqued my interest on so many levels. Competitions are cool because they give you the opportunity to push yourself a…

  • V-gang : Exploring Sci-fi, Veganism and Ethics

    V-gang : Exploring Sci-fi, Veganism and Ethics

    I’ve just released my very first brand spanking new Comic Book called V-gang. I’m thrilled to have completed a long ambition of mine to combine my artistic skill and thoughts about some very important matters concerning us all today. I’ve currently released the book on Amazon Soon it will be available in paper format.

  • Digital Portrait Drawing of Mya

    Digital Portrait Drawing of Mya

    When old techniques reach their limits, then new techniques must be tried. This current drawing technique based on the Russian Soft Bruch technique has many benefits and the results are showing.

  • A Portrait of Tizina

    A Portrait of Tizina

    This drawing is of one of our newest members at our Midrand Extraordinaires Toastmasters club. There’s been some very good improvements in my drawing techniques, but still there’s a lot more practice to do.

  • Bodhgayashanthi Sanctuary Mural

    Bodhgayashanthi Sanctuary Mural

    I had a fantastic opportunity to paint a mural at the Bodhgayashanthi Sanctuary in Midrand. This mural turned out exceptional well. I am quite proud. This is case of all the values aligning and resulting a thing of beauty coming into existence.

  • Growing yourself through Books

    Growing yourself through Books

    The insights contained inside of books are profound. They represent this brilliant record of all human history and thought. As much as I don’t like reading them, delving into them has delivered immense value, that has shaped my thoughts and views. After reading a good couple of them, you begin to realise you’re more a…

  • Consistency Creates Craftsmanship

    Consistency Creates Craftsmanship

    Craftsmanship is all about that additional level of effort, that takes something from being good to great. But first, we need to make sure that we’re good at what we do, and that’s why consistency with practice is so important.

  • My Second Portrait Drawing of Natalie Portman

    My Second Portrait Drawing of Natalie Portman

    The 214th drawing that I’ve posted on Instagram shows some really big improvements in my artistic skill. My ability has grown in areas of likeness, proportions and speed. The consistent practice has definitely paid off and I’m looking to do whole lot more.