Get Ready for Veganuary


Veganuary as the name suggests, is all about going Vegan in January. I love the name and I love the idea. It’s been extremely successful over the past five years in helping grow Veganism, spread awareness around animal suffering and shifting people towards a more plant based diet.

The basic idea behind the campaign is that people pledge to stick to a Vegan diet for the month of January.

This allows them to learn how we can eat without killing animals and wrecking the planet. Throughout the month of January they provide you with recipes, how to guides and local Vegan eateries information.


During first 2014 Veganuary campaign they signed up a mere 3,300 people. But this year 2020 they signed up 400,000 people; and they’re already on track with 250,000 signed up for 2021. That’s a massive increase in participation.

Veganuary might be a UK initiative, but people from all around the world participate – countries like South Africa, Mexico, Sweden Australia , Argentina, Chile, Germany and Italy all partake. The growth around the world has been phenomenal.

This growth has led to more people becoming Vegan. Because once people try it out, they realize that it’s actually quite easy.

After people partake in Veganuary a sizable portion remain Vegan because it’s just so easy. The remainder who don’t remain Vegan actually go ahead a significantly reduce the amount of meat and diary they consume. This in itself has been a massive victory, because once people learn of the variety of Vegan food they can consume, they automatically start having more.

One of the Best Adverts Ever!!

Easier than Ever

The first time I heard about Veganism was way back around 2011. I saw a video of Frank Medrano doing pull ups and walking on air! The video was all grungy and dark, with steel pipes and chains draped around the dude. It looked very intimidating and Frank Medrano was Vegan. The dude doesn’t eat meat, not even dairy – not even an egg. This seemed insanely hard to me to try and do.

When I finally went Vegan in 2016 to help stop the climate crisis, I realized that being Vegan wasn’t that hard at all. I didn’t need to do one hand pull ups and walk on air like Frank Medrano above.

However, these days Veganism is so so easy that everyone should try and do it. There are so many meat replacements and meat alternatives that you will never want for anything. The best cakes I’ve ever had are Vegan. The best meals I’ve ever had are Vegan.

If you’re considering going Vegan, know that it’s incredibly easy these days.

Veganism is the Solution

This campaign of Veganuary is in service of larger goals; those goals are animal welfare, reducing social inequality, stopping the climate crisis and improving everyone’s health significantly.

These are goals that everyone wants. Veganism will get us there, and Veganuary is a great means to enable it.

The only way you can really see if these goals are achievable is to give Veganism and Veganuary a try.

Photo by Deryn Macey on Unsplash


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