International Cheetah Day


I’m not really that much into animals.

Now mind you, I do love baby animals because they’re the absolute cutest, but I wouldn’t call myself an animal lover. I know sounds that strange coming from a vegan, but hey, you get all kinds.

However, I will say that being a Vegan has made me give more thoughtful and considerate about animals.

As today is International Cheetah Day I thought I’d give a lot of consideration to my favorite animal the Cheetah.


Speaking purely as an artist, I think these animals are gorgeous. Everything about them is beautiful.

Their stride, their motion, their speed, their design are all incredibly stunning. I’m actually surprised why the lion gets all the lime light, because of all African animals, I think the cheetah has it all.


The Cheetah has top speed of 70 mph, and can go 0 to 60mph inside of 3 seconds. It could even give a Tesla on insane mode a run for its money.

Interestingly cheetahs have non-retractable claws. So in that sense it’s more like a dog than cat.

I was surprised to learn the cheetahs actually fall into the category of small cats because they can’t roar – but they do have a really cute purr though. The big cats like jaguars and lions can all roar.

Save Cheetahs

It’s shocking to learn that over the last 100 years we’ve lost 90% of the cheetahs in the world, meaning we’ve only have about 7000 cheetahs alive today.

We’ve got 70 billion cows, chickens, and pigs in factory farms so that people can eat meat – but we’ve only got 7000 cheetahs left. There’s a problem here.

We have to protect Cheetahs and our wild life.


We have to get our priorities straight. Saving the amazing diversity of life we have on the planet is critical to our own survival. This is true for the smallest insects like a bee to the largest animals like a whale.

Today is a day for to recognize and respect the amazing creature that is the cheetah.

We should help regrow their population, regrow their habitats and give them the space they need.

Photo by Michael Aleo on Unsplash


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