World Meat Free Week 15-21 June 2020

We’re all spoilt for choice these days.

Our meat free options for meals are increasing in leaps and bounds. Everywhere you look there are alternative meat products. Even the most ravenous carnivore would be satiated by the delicious wonderful tastes and aromas of a meat free dish.

The Headlines

We can hardly be surprised because if you look at the headlines, you can see the tides are turning.

What’s surprising to realize is that many traditional meat companies like Tyson and Nestle are beginning to abandon meat themselves.

When the butcher decides meat is not worth it anymore – you have to sit up and take notice.

Whether these changes have come about because COVID-19, or changing consumers preferences, animal welfare or our deep need to prevent climate change – the shift towards a plant based future is in effect.

The Events

There are so many events that celebrate ditching meat, that it can be hard to keep track of. Who would have thought.

First there was Meat Free Monday, then there was Veganuary and then there was No Meat May and I just found out about World Meat Free Week.

No doubt there are many more campaigns and it’s great to see the movement towards ditching meat growing faster and faster.

World Meat Free Week

World Meat Free Week runs from 15-21 June.

Various options of attempting plant based eating can be very helpful to a person. Sometimes stopping eating meat for an entire month can be tricky, so a week of ditching eating meat could be simpler to try.

I know that when I attempted No Meat Monday, I would always forget about it and realise my mistake around super time. Then I would need to wait till the next Monday.

Meat Free Week makes sense. It’s a great simple introduction to dropping meat for a period of time. Once you breeze through that week and see how easy it is, trying longer intervals becomes so much easier.

Strategy for Attempting World Meat Free Week

I went vegan over night and it worked out brilliantly because I could evaluate the results objectively – and the results were excellent.

However, for anyone attempting a Meat Free Week I would suggest stuffing your face with as many vegan meals as possible for the entire week. Whether is vegan junk food or vegan plant based. That’s what I would do!

The reason is simple.

Try as many different types of meat free foods that are available to you. Try Indian food, Ethiopian food, Nigerian food, vegan burgers and pies. Try vegan cakes and puddings. Try Oreos and Vegan Lays chips.

Try anything and everything that is meat free for an entire week.

What you’ll find is that there is tons of food available to you that doesn’t have meat.

There are so many options in 2020 that you’ll never be left wanting.


World Meat Free Week gives us yet another amazing opportunity to try incredible dishes from other cultures that leaves out the meat.

Explore the foods, the flavors and the tastes that meat free dishes have to offer and you won’t be disappointed.


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