The Green King – A Book about Greatness


You should read this book. Simple as that.

There are many novels that have an incredible story, compelling characters and big ideas. But there are few that do it so well.

As much as I dislike reading, I’ve always maintained that books are indeed better than movies because the experience can be much more significant. And this book is a clear example for that.

Why it’s so Amazing

The story starts off very small with a few a characters, but as you get deeper in to the story you start to see that the main character Reb has got grand ambitions. You can’t quite discern them in the beginning because you so engrossed with his fascinating business dealings.

As the story unfolds, you’re left feeling in awe of this mans’ great vision. What once was a simple rags to riches story turns out be a story about greatness.

It makes us realize that we’re capable of much more than we think.

It goes further to highlight that we as people can challenge perceived entrenched institutions.

I think that’s why I liked this book so much. I’ve never been a fan of authority and this book shows us that we can go head to head with seemingly invincible world wide institutions. I like that.

Broad Overview

No spoilers here, but broadly speaking this is a story about a mans rise from rags to riches, but then does something even more incredible that could reshape society.

Reb the main character is a survivor from the holocaust. He experiences the holocaust as young Jewish kid. This event shapes his thinking going forward and he gets into business as way to increased wealth.

Towards the end of the book, he starts doing very odd things. He gets married to a lady who is delusional and you begin to suspect that maybe he is crazy too.

In the end you see his master plan unfold, and the authorities dismiss his achievements solely because they feel his work can undermine their lofty positions.

Relevance in Today’s World

Today we’re governed heavily by authority. The riots around the world are testament to this.

There’s not a single thing you can do without some institution trying to limit and curtail you rights.

You can’t use your money how you want, you can’t do what you want, every action has a fee associated with it, and even your private thoughts are being inferred by third parties.

I guess that’s why I’m both a believer in Crypto and Veganism. They are both libertarian in nature. They’re both about Freedom.

This book shows us that we can show authorities the people can do better. That we don’t need to listen and we don’t need to comply.

When I read the last few pages of this book as a kid – it all came together. It made me realize that we’re not as weak as we think, and they’re not as strong as they believe.

In today’s world I think that’s a potent message.


I read this book a long time ago when I was teenager. Without a doubt it left an impression in my mind and that impression persists to this day.

I strongly recommend you read this. It’s a great story but quite likely it will show you that you’re more than you are.

Photo by Ian Stauffer on Unsplash



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