I Need One Bitcoin to get to Mars

This is an electrifying week.

This is the week that SpaceX will be taking two astronauts to the International Space Station.

It is a pity that launch was cancelled on Wednesday due to bad weather, but it’s looking really good that on Saturday 30th of May, astronauts Robert L. Behnken and Douglas G. Hurley will reach the International Space Station.

History will be made and the excitement is palpable!

All space enthusiasts across the world are rejoicing because of what this moment represents.

This happens to be the stepping stone towards Mars.

Nations vs Corporations

NASA did an amazing job in getting people to the Moon. A large part of that humongous feat was due to national pride – the desire to beat the Soviets and do something that could never be topped. And they succeeded spectacularly.

The only problem with that approach is that once it was achieved, space flight advancement never went any farther than that.

As much as I dislike corporations, I will say that their focus is on the consumer rather than national pride. This will be instrumental in getting you and me to Mars.

Corporations have got prices for products and services, and a ticket to Mars has also got a price.

The Price of a Ticket to Mars

Last year I watched a video where Elon Musk outlined the strategy and the costs for getting us to Mars using the new Starship. In it he mentioned that the cost of a trip to Mars could be as little as $100k.

That number has always stuck in my head.

This number means it’s within reach of a regular joe to get to Mars. This is phenomenal!

The plan is there, the technology is available and actions have been set in motion.

Bitcoin makes your Dreams come True

I have been involved in the Bitcoin space for quite a while now. The basic tenets behind it have always been about freedom – economic freedom, intellectual freedom and it appears the Bitcoin could even free us from the confines of the Earth.

Way back in 2017, Wall Street strategist Tommy Lee made a price prediction that Bitcoin could hit $100k. The thinking was simple.

Modern day investors, millennials and zoomers are comfortable with digital assets. Investing in a digital currency makes sense. If Bitcoin captures 5% of the gold market, then its hits $25,000 and if captures 10% or 15% of the gold market then Bitcoin could hit $100,000.

Likewise Anthony Pompliano, co-founder of Morgan Creek Capital recently said on a podcast that by late 2021, Bitcoin could hit $100,000.


Just One Bitcoin will be able to get you to Mars.

I don’t see coincidence here – I see the stars aligning.

Many of us will have the chance of a lifetime. We will be able to step aboard a machine of great power that will launch us into outer space, and then we will disembark onto a new world. The possibilities will be limitless.

Stack those Sats.

The Bitcoin will moon so hard it will take you to another planet.

I for one, am absolutely excited that we will get to see the red planet – and Bitcoin could be your ticket there.

Photo by Atlas Green on Unsplash



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