Who let the Dogs out

I thought this was quite innovative when I first saw it.

I suppose I can’t be surprised that an Asian country came up with this idea.

They’re using the robot from Boston Dynamics to walk around the park and warn people to maintain social distance.

When the video first starts of you think “Wow..that’s pretty cool. Singapore always gets the cool stuff”

Singapore is slowly releasing lock down measures, but it still wants to ensure that people maintain safe distancing protocols. Rather than waste a persons time doing this, it’s makes much sense to have a robot do it.

The first time you watch the video you see the robot and you think that’s pretty awesome.

By the way, it’s name is Spot – I guess because it spots you and tells you to “Back up Bruh!!”

But then you see one nervous old lady and shes like OMG! – and then another young lady surreptitiously slinks away. Everyone keeps as far back from it as possible. You then realize people are a little scared of this robot. It’s like they think it’s the Terminators dog.

That’s understandable.

Spot is bigger than a doberman. It’s made out steel and could probably out run you. Thank goodness it doesn’t have a head otherwise it might bite your ass.

However I actually do like you robots. I think they’re cool. But it got me thinking.

We now living in a world where we’ve got big ass robo dogs patrolling our parks telling you what to do.

How did we get here??

For me it’s quite simple. We ate cows, and we ate chickens, and we ate cats and we ate dogs. And instead of having actual dog playing Frisbee with you in the park, you’ve got Spot Robo Dog barking orders at you.

There’s a connection here.

We ate lots of animals. As per the CDC “3 out of every 4 new and emerging infectious diseases that affect people come from animals“, and now we’ve got actual robots replacing these animals. It is bizarre.

Personally, I like the robo dog Spot – I reckon he is cool. But having actual animals that are cute is also cool.

Let’s stop eating animals so that we can pump the brakes on the weirdness in the world we’re experiencing.

Give nature a break – and we’ll be able to live better freer lives.


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