Starlink – Internet for the World

Starlink has been in the news more and more lately. For those that don’t know, Starlink is the latest venture by SpaceX.

It’s goal is to bring high speed broadband internet to the farthest reaches of the world. That is something that is sorely needed in the world.

COVID-19 has highlighted just how much we all need the Internet . In times of crisis it keeps us informed, it keeps us connected to those we care about and it gives us that ability to continue our way of life.

My own internet service provider has decided to drop my service for the past two months arbitrarily. I live in South Africa, so I always have a backup plan for pretty much all problems including choppy internet. However, this demonstrates just how much we the people are at the mercy of service providers.

All around the world people are being forced to pay ridiculous prices for shoddy internet whilst corporations stifle innovation and the economy through second rate service.

This is where I believe Starlink will shine. 

They recently announced that they launched 422 small communication satellites into low earth orbit. The intention is to have 40,000 satellites in orbit to provide full coverage to the world. The idea is that all of 40,000 satellites will coordinate as they move through low earth orbit to transfer data across the internet.

Dominate the Competitors

In one fell swoop, SpaceX will be able to completely dominate the internet service provider sector.

Whilst Verizon, Vodafone, MTN are still scrounging around in the dirt, Elon Musk has taken the high road and will eat their lunch.

Now bear mind, as I understand it, all satellite internet companies have gone bankrupt at some point. However, where they failed SpaceX will succeed, simply because half the job is already 90% done.

They already produced reusable rockets like the Falcon 9, Falcon Heavy and Dragon. They own the infrastructure that provides the gateway to space. Hence it is a piece of vegan pie for them to launch these satellites into space. And given that satellite technology is inexpensive these days, they’re literally in a position to dominate space.

Thank goodness Elon Musk is a good guy, otherwise he would be a baddest Bond villain ever! 😅

Sidestepping 5G

Starlink also addresses another major concern that people have lately – that of 5G. Starlink removes the need for there to be a trillion devices scattered every 25 metres around you.

Remember, the goal is to provide access to the internet for everyone on earth. The goal isn’t for the wealthy to have faster internet than everybody else and exacerbate the digital divide.

Starlink Product Launch Dates

The private beta release is expected in 3 months time and pubic beta release in 6 months time. The pace of this project is incredible fast.

I’ll probably get Starlink internet before I get a fibre line to my farm…LOL.

Facebook and Google

Facebook tried to do something similar of providing internet to Africa a while ago. Google tried it with their hot air balloons a long time back as well. None of these efforts came to anything, because for these guys providing internet to Africa is low priority.

The Multiplier Effect

I honestly believe that doing the right yields bigger rewards than you could ever have possibly imagined. This is definitely true with Elon Musk. Here is guy who wants to get us Mars. A noble goal indeed!

To do this he builds rockets. Developing the vision system of the rockets provides many lessons on computer vision detection. This then informs him about how to build the vision system for Telsa motors. The rockets also opens up a potential a gold mine revenue stream by providing global internet. Heck this guy might even send a rocket to an asteroid to actually mine gold!! The opportunities become vast and endless.

That’s what I mean by doing the right thing. It’s opens up so many new opportunities that benefits everyone.

I for one am very excited about Starlink. These are the endeavors that are so simple yet incredibly profound. And no doubt the world will be better for it.


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