No Meat May starts Today

It is the absolute perfect time to start trying out a Plant Based Whole Foods lifestyle. It has never been easier.

No Meat May, just as the name says is all about people refraining from eating any animal based products for the month of May.

No Meat May – I love that name, it’s got such a Great ring to it!

Bring the Flavor

Two decades ago, people would have scoffed at the idea of giving up meat forever. However this is 2020. We’re in the future – and as people living in modern times we must let go of some of the old ways. We must especially let go of the old ways that don’t work, and explore alternative ways of doing things.

No Meat May will open up a whole world of flavorful possibilities that you’ve never considered before. It will shed light on taste sensations that will tickle your taste buds. Palates will broadened and minds expanded.

It’s Easy as Vegan Pie

With meat markets around the world being banned, but fresh produce easily accessible No Meat May provides a great chance for everyone to explore new dishes.

It is simply mind boggling to consider the possible combinations of flavors from the three thousand edible plants and the hundreds of spices that can come together to create new experiences.

If you’re someone who still craves meat, the year 2020 has got you covered. Modern food technology has yielded the ultimate in burger production. Beyond BurgerImpossible BurgersLinda McCartneyFrysQuorn, etc, etc have all created superb alternatives. They taste so good you can’t make out of the difference – and if that wasn’t enough, it’s better for you, the environment and your wallet.

Protect People

It always saddens me to think of all the animals and workers in an abusive factory farming system. Over the past few weeks we’ve seen hundreds of workers contract COVID-19 because they are forced to work in close quarters in horrendous conditions. If our fellow workers are being abused this badly, can you imagine just how badly the animals are treated. It’s horrific to contemplate!

If more people start supporting plant based whole foods, then we can start shifting our fellow workers to cleaner, safer environment like produce farms and alternative meat factories where conditions are better.

This change starts with us adopting vegan lifestyles and trying out campaigns like VeganuaryNo Meat Monday and No Meat May.

Making the World Better

In the space of a few short months we have seen skies clear over the worst polluted cities, we have seen animals boldly reclaim land, and we have seen our world recover.

Can you imagine how much better the world will be if we don’t kill people and animals?

This lockdown gives all us of us a chance to try something that has profound benefits. Benefits that will help people, animals and the planet.

Start today! No Meat May

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