Earn Crypto-Currency and Donate it to Vegan Causes


If you’re in South Africa, then the quarantine has just gone into effect today.

Like me you’re lamenting the fact that you can’t visit your favorite vegan store, you can’t go to the vegan fair and you can’t hang with your friends at the vegan lunches.

As much as we will miss these things about the vegan lifestyle during the lockdown, this has never been about consumerism. It’s always been about supporting our community and making a positive difference by our conscious choices. It’s about where we choose to direct our effort, time and cash.

It’s harsh that we can’t support our community and movement enough during this intense period.

Doing something positive during Lockdown

Luckily there is something you can do to aid your Veganism during this downtime :

Earn Crypto-Currency and Give it Away to Vegan Causes and Businesses.

Most Vegans I know are not Crypto enthusiasts, and most Crypto-enthusiasts are not Vegans. Hence, most Vegans are not familiar with how to use Crypto to benefit our movement.

Because of this, I’ll give you a very basic way to earn crytpo and donate it. Over subsequent posts I’ll expand on intermediate and advanced ways to do this.

Right now though, we’re going to earn some Litecoin and donate to a charity called Clearly Veg.

The Different Means of Earning Crypto-Currency

There are a couple of ways to earn crypto-currency:

  • Content creation e.g. write blog posts, make videos, comment, etc
  • Doing regular searches with a search engines
  • Giveaways and Competitions
  • Faucets
  • Referrals
  • Minting
  • Airdrops
  • Using Browsers that pay you in crypto-currency
  • Running background processes etc compute protein folding, etc

Earn with Faucets

I’ll start with faucets as this is the easiest end-to-end process to earn and donate, although it also the least rewarding.

A faucet is an application or service that pays you for doing some minor task e.g. watching adverts, playing games, doing surveys, etc. There are loads of faucets available online but I’ll just focus on one for now.

For this specific post we will earn a currency called Litecoin. It’s like Bitcoins little brother.

Step 1 : Get a Wallet

There are hundreds of wallets available. I personally started out using Jaxx years ago and I’ve found it to be easy to use. However I suspect there could be better ones out there – feel free to use any wallet of your choice.

You can download Jaxx for desktop here, and there are Jaxx wallets for Android, iOS and as an extension for chromium based browsers.

Here is an excellent video for the setup and some basic usage on the mobile iOS wallet.

Jaxx Liberty mobile iOS Wallet Setup

Once you’ve got Jaxx installed, we need to get your Litecoin Receive Address (it’s like your account number) with the following steps:

1 ) At the Dashboard, under wallets, Click on Litecoin

2 ) Then click on “Receive”. This will show you your Litecoin Address.

3 ) Your Litecoin address is listed at the top, highlighted in yellow. You can click “Copy Address”, or your can scan the QR code to quickly copy your Litecoin address. Your Litecoin address is like your account number.

Step 2: Earn Litecoin

Download the “Free Litecoin” app from your mobile app store.

When installing this app you need to provide your email so you can verify yourself via email confirmation. You also need to provide your Litecoin address from the step above – your earnings will go to this address.

Side note : Referral Earnings

All of these crypto-currency earnings methods also have referral mechanisms built in – if you refer someone to use the application then you (and in some cases the referee) will earn something additional.

My referral link to download “Free Litecoin” is https://bitcoinaliens.com/?ref=1373133&game=8&pf=2

You can also download it direct from an app store. This is the direct link to the Google Playstore link : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=crypto.aliens.ltc.

The rest is easy; provide your email and Litecoin address the first time you run it. Play the game, watch the adverts and you’ll start earning Litecoin. Simple as that!

The payouts happen every Tuesday on this specific app, other services handle it differently.

If you only play the game, then the payout is tiny. I understand that if you do additional things like the surveys then it pays out more, but you can decide what you want to do. I’m a privacy nut so I try to limit myself to only playing the games.

The payouts are consistent and reliable, however it is small. In any case, for purposes of this tutorial this is a good place to start.

Step 3 : Donate your Earnings

We’re going to donate to Clearly Veg, a Non Profit Organisation in the UK. Perform the following steps:

Go to https://www.clearlyveg.org/donate/

1 ) Click on the Donate button

2 ) Click on Litecoin

3 ) Copy their Litecoin donation address. You can click the “Copy to clipboard” button for ease of use.

4 ) Go to your Jaxx Application, access your Litecoin wallet. Paste the “Clearly Veg”s Litecoin address in the address input field, set the amount you want to send, click send.

And that’s it! All done.


It is that simple to create a wallet, earn some crypto and donate it to a vegan cause, charity or business.

Vegan Charities and Business

Here is a short list of Vegan charities and businesses that accept crypto. Please feel free to add others in the comments below.

Vegan Charities and Businesses that accept Crypto

My Challenge to Vegans

The economy has locked up; this is because the quarantine has placed limits on what can be bought and sold. The earth has certainly benefited, but vegan charities and businesses might take a hit. Therefore we should use this time proactively to learn about other ways to support the movement. Commerce has been a huge driver in veganism adoption, so let’s keep that going by sending these guys currency whether it’s crypto-currency or fiat.

So my challenge is this: Explore these tools, earn as much crypto as possible, and donate it by the end of April to vegan entities. Let’s see how much monetary value can be added to the movement.

A Give-Away

Another way to earn crypto is through give-aways, so I’m going to do one right now!

These are the Rules:

  1. Create a Crypto Wallet
  2. Install the “Free Litecoin” app using my referral link : https://bitcoinaliens.com/?ref=1373133&game=8&pf=2
  3. Post a meaningful comment in the comments section below with your Ethereum, Litecoin or Dash wallet address. Specify if it is an ETH, LTC or DASH address. The best comment will win a prize so the address is needed.
  4. Share this post with friends and on social media.

The Prize:

  • I’ll pick one winner of the give-away by 23:59pm the 29th of March 2020, and post it here.
  • The prize is small for now – The best comment that I like will get R30 worth of ETH, LTC or DASH sent to their wallet.
  • The competition is void if there’s fewer than 25 comments.
  • You don’t qualify for the prize if the steps in the rules aren’t followed.
  • If this is successful I’ll run more small competitions during the lock down period.

Enjoy and have Fun!

Rating: 1 out of 5.

Photo by Free To Use Sounds on Unsplash


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