My Bitcoin dropped 40 percent in value because of meat!


The past few weeks have been rough. The COVID-19 virus has been spreading surprisingly quickly, financial markets are in turmoil, stocks have tumbled, governments are taking drastic action and crypto currencies took a beating. We’re getting whacked from all sides.

It is surreal to see this entire scenario unfold.

It is surreal because we all knew that global financial markets were feigning prosperity and it was going to have a reckoning. All of us in Crypto were anticipating it’s demise to set off the next crypto boom. Yet no one ever expected mother nature to come out of the blue and whip all of us.

As a Vegan I always had a sense that nature was going to kick us in the teeth at some point, but to see it happen in real time is something to behold.

Now why do I think meat is the cause of my loss of wealth? Let me start by first recapping some major economic events.

Economic Turmoil

  • One of our mainstay companies here in South Africa, SASOL lost 95% of its share value in two days!
  • The US stock market had its worst stock market drop since the Black Monday 1987
  • Every single stock market around the world experienced massive drops for days on end
  • Supply chains around the world are being disrupted, and this is expected to drop the value of the world economy.
  • The US Federal reserve has effectively dropped it’s interest rates to zero basically handing out free money to wall street, and other countries have followed suit.

This is all bad. However, the thing that really upset me was Bitcoin dropping 40 percent in value. Now mind you, I’m not too stressed as Bitcoin has experienced at least four drops like this in its history. It’s dealt with worse! To me this is a buy opportunity.

The Direct Link

It’s estimated that 1.4 Billion pigs are slaughtered every year, and 50 billion chickens are slaughtered every year as well. That’s a whole lot of slaughtered animals when compared to the 7.5 billion people on earth. Here’s a graphic to put that into perspective.

The number of pigs humans eat every year
World Economic Forum Data
The number of chickens humans eat every year
World Economic Forum Data

These numbers are ludicrous! It is insane to think we consume so many animals every year. This happens every single day for breakfast, lunch and supper. And that’s not even counting Christmas and Easter and Barbecues!

These animals are housed in the worst possible conditions to maximize the profits creating breeding a ground for disease. Zoonotic diseases flourish in these spaces. Just the shear amount of animals that we consume, increases the probability that something like Swine flu or Bird flu would unquestionably arise.

The actual amount of land animals we consume totals 70 billion, and if we include sea animals then the figure rises to over a trillion. A figure which I struggle believe! However it wouldn’t surprise me.

Virologists say it’s only a question of when, not if another outbreak occurs. If we continue killing animals at this rate, at these numbers, billions upon billions every year, then the next pandemic will make this one look like a breeze.

We all knew that financial markets were going to collapse. We were prepped to benefit from it by hedging with precious metals and crypto. What we didn’t expect was for nature to unleash her vengeance and kick us all in the ass.

To reiterate, this link is this :

We kill seven times as many animals as there are people every year. We do so in the most fetid conditions imaginable that breeds society crippling diseases. A pandemic of this nature was bound to happen, and it hits us where we feel it the most – in the wallet!

We kill seven times as many animals as there are people every year. We do so in the most fetid conditions imaginable. A pandemic of this nature was bound to happen, and its hits us where we feel it the most – in the wallet!

Failings of Mainstream Media

I’m very annoyed that mainstream media neglects to highlight that this virus was caused because of meat consumption. This threat to our economic stability was borne out of the atrocious conditions of meat markets in Wuhan.

This is not the first time either. Madcow disease, H1N1(swine flu), H5N1(bird flu), lassa fever, listeriosis, etc, etc all come from the consumption of meat.

What’s considered to be the worst pandemic humanity ever faced, Spanish flu (a Swine flu variant) also originated in the animal agriculture space and wiped out three percent the world population.

Meat consumption has harmed our health, our planet, the animals themselves and now it has devastated our wealth.


Nature is furious at us right now. We neglect her cries when the Amazon burns and when her rivers are poisoned. We turn a blind eye when the seas are choked with plastic and when we flagrantly slaughter billions of animals.

It is only natural that nature will hit us where it hurts the most; our wealth.

It makes me think that karma is real. That it is tangible. That it is like a scientific law; every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

This is an event we are all going to hurt from; whether you’re vegan or not, whether you hold Bitcoin or not. We are all going to feel this one.

This pain will be felt in our wallets and in our pensions, and hopefully it will curb the excesses of society.

Personally I believe that we will heed natures ass-whipping and stop consuming animals.

We will get through this better and stronger than before. The lessons we take away from this will shape us into better people driven by character and values. One of the most important values I’d like us to take away from this is Respect for Nature.

Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash


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