Elon Musks Grand Plan

Elon Musks’ Grand Plan

Elon Musk has interests in a myriad of stunning ventures.

Everything from electric vehicles to artificial intelligence. With this vast array of successful businesses, you’ve got to ask yourself; what’s it all for? where’s it headed? and are these ventures all interconnected?

I think we can make an educated guess as to what the grand plan is.

It is amazing to see what he has accomplished throughout his three decade career. The man sets high bars of excellence and continually exceeds them. This is not a man who thinks small.

Given the massive progress that he has made with Tesla, Spacex and SolarCity, we cannot underestimate the true extent of his ambitions.


Elon Musk sold his very first computer game when he was just twelve years old. I’ve got no idea how he managed that in South Africa during a time of turmoil; but he did it.

The game was called Blastar and it’s interesting to note the choice of game he decided to make. It’s a spaceship game, and you can see his fascination with space even back then; and I believe it helped set that tone and mindset for many of his future endeavors.

Review of the Current Companies

In order for us to see the grand plan, we first need to review Elon Musks companies, see what they do and connect the dots to reveal the ultimate vision.


The entire idea behind SolarCity is to allow regular folks to rent solar panels, generate electricity and to pay back the solar installation with the savings.

However, the actual goal is to accelerate mass adoption of solar, and then through economies of scale bring down the cost of global solar infrastructure. This is about enabling nations to be fully energy sustainable.


I think by now we’re all in love with Tesla vehicles. The goal here is use the electricity generated by SolarCity to power electrical vehicles and devices. This creates a closed loop between SolarCity and Tesla.

SolarCity creates the energy, and Tesla vehicles use the energy. It’s a sweet symbiotic relationship.

Also, the existence of the Cybertruck itself is quite telling, because this vehicle is a beast! It’s not just another truck. It looks like it could climb the peaks of Olympus Mons. You’ll see why this is so important.

The Boring Company

I was really surprised that he took up this venture. I couldn’t see why Elon Musk would be interested in this business. After all its not solving any of the gigantic problems that he is used to tackling. It doesn’t seem world changing. Why on earth would he be involved in this?

The Boring company looks at large infrastructure concerns and we’ll see also why this is so important in a second.


This company forms the foundation of getting us to mars. The progress with Spacex has been incredible.

I am always in awe everytime I see the Falcon 9 land.

Incredible as this is, the goals Spacex intends to achieve are even more amazing. Not only will this the technology get us to mars, but it will also set up a global satellite communications network. This in particular is crucial.

Spacex Falcon Launching and Landing


Many companies have tried to provide global internet access. Google tried, Facebook tried and their attempts to accomplish this either went nowhere or were marginally successful at best.

Now that Elon Musk has direct entry into space, providing a global communications network seems like an obvious offshoot of space flight technology. Having hundreds of tiny satellites orbiting in space providing us with solid internet access sounds like a dream.

Bring it all together

Elon Musk doesn’t just want to go into space and take a trip to Mars. He thinks bigger than that.

Here is how all the pieces fit together into one unified whole.

  • SolarCity is a means to generate electricity but this will be used on Mars wholesale. We’re going to need to establish self sufficient cities on Mars and the best way to do this will be solar. Using petroleum on Mars is a ludicrous idea because there are no oil deposits there and we can’t transport oil to Mars.
  • Tesla is intended to be the transportation system on Mars, particularly the Cybertruck. It’s built for Mars. I wasn’t joking when I said it looks like it could climb the tallest mountain peak on Mars. There are no roads on Mars therefore we will all be driving Cybertrucks. It is designed rugged to handle the harsh environment.
  • The Boring Company – Mars has a thin atmosphere that we can’t breathe. Hence we will need infrastructure to be built underground. That’s where the Boring company comes in. We will build an underground network of tunnels as we expand our cities on Mars. We will build extremely large tunnels using the Boring Company technology so that we can fit in many CyberTrucks.
  • Spacex is the means for which to get us to Mars. Its is also the means by which to set up an satellite system for internet.
  • Starlink is just a test case for Earth, but its actually intended to be used on Mars. Starlink will provide the backbone of our communications system but more than that, it will provide the means for us to govern ourselves.
  • Bitcoin – this will be used as the monetary system on Mars that works on top of Starlink. Vint Cerf one of the fathers of the internet is currently working on the Interplanetary Internet Protocol so this will enable the Bitcoin to operate across two planets. Quite likely a new cryptocurrency will be created for Mars, and this like Bitcoin will have no need for financial institutions. Hence on Mars we will be free of Banks.
  • Decentralized Applications on the Blockchain – this will allow us to govern ourselves on Mars without the need for Governments. Smart contracts will be written for voting, property rights and governance. We as the people will need to govern ourselves, but this is the price to pay for Freedom.
  • Veganism – As mentioned there is no oil on Mars. Likewise there are no cows on Mars for for animal agriculture. Furthermore it will be ridiculous to transport a cow to Mars so you can have a burger. Instead, we will use aeroponics to grow all of our vegetables and hence Mars will be a Vegan world.


These are exciting times ahead for all of us.

Elon Musk intends to build a new civilization on Mars that is fully sustainable on solar energy. He intends to gigantic cities on Mars with tunnel infrastructure below and solar infrastructure above. The governance and financial system of Mars will leverage Starlink and use Bitcoin and Dapps.

All this makes sense. I recall Elon Musk saying once that he would like to spend his last days on Mars. He doesn’t intend to spend it in a rinky dink dwelling but in a shining city on the hill, from where the next generation of advanced humanity will reside.

With all the sustainability, self reliance and veganism, Mars will no longer be the red planet, instead we will turn it into a green planet.

With all the sustainability, self reliance and veganism, Mars will no longer be the red planet, instead we will turn it into a green planet.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash


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