I started of 2020 right

I Started off 2020 Right – This is what I did


Usually when a new year rolls around I’m still in bed recovering from the festivities. Starting off a new year with a dull headache and reflexively hitting that snooze button doesn’t bode well for all of my best intentioned plans for the year.

However, not only is this a new year but a new decade, and I wanted to start things off right. This is what I did.


Oddly enough my mom got me into running last year. Seeing that she was doing so well with her MyRun events, I decided that I’ll start the running too. I have to admit that I was pleasantly surprised with running because previously I hated it. I used to find it so taxing, but now as a vegan, physical activity is so much easier. It’s so much easier that I find it to be enjoyable!

More than that, the Veganism yields massive performance benefits. Check out The Game Changers to see what I mean.

For the past couple of months I’ve been doing the MyRun and getting better and better; so then I decided to do the Parkruns as well. I am very glad to see that my times are steadily improving.

This morning on the the very first day of 2020 I did a Parkrun out at Midstream and I set a personal best of 27 minutes 28 seconds for 5 kilometers. Some guy aged between 45 and 49 came first and set a time of 19:18 seconds. Wow!!! Truly Outstanding.

I was pushing myself and I felt real strong today. I knew I did a great job and I felt Awesome afterwards. Now I feel psyched for the year ahead.

By the August of this year, I want to get down to 20 minutes.


Last year I produced a ton of new drawings and played around with some new styles. The drawing posted yesterday of Zozibini Tunzi, our new Miss Universe looks very very good, and the drawing posted today of the inspirational vegan Dotsie Bausch looks very good indeed. She is the oldest athlete in her cycling discipline to win Olympic Silver and she looks amazing.

My skill levels still seems to be the same from a year back but I feel like I’m picking and correcting my shortcomings much better now.

I’m very happy to have posted yet another cool drawing today. This year my goal is to start generating wealth from this amazing skill.

Blog Post

Last year I produced twenty eight blog posts. My goal this year is to produce fifty six blog posts with this one being the very first for the year 2020. I don’t think that my writing is particularly great, in fact I launched a comic book last year called V-gang and some felt it to be too wordy. However, this year I want to improve my writing and the speed of it.

The last book I read in 2019 was “Sell Like Crazy” which had so much amazing knowledge that I definitely want to try and put that into affect.

The last book I read in 2019 was “Sell Like Crazy” which had so much amazing knowledge that I definitely want to try and put that into affect.


I certainly did a whole lot more on the first day of 2020, but I think these three things helped set the right tone for the year going forward. Based on all my research and reading, it appears as though this decade will bring many changes, some welcome and some very concerning. That’s why it so important to start things right, to set the tone and to take aim on what you want. Here’s to an Amazing 2020!!

Photo by Gia Oris on Unsplash


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