Greening the Planet


I am a firm believer that food should be free. When I was a kid, I remember watching Star Trek and seeing its crew walk up to the Replicator and simply ask for food and they would just get it. They’d get whatever they wanted and they never paid. I remember dreaming of all the chips, cookies and sweets I could have if only I had one those. That would be so sweet. That idea of getting food for free has always stuck with me, and I honestly don’t see why we can’t have that right now.

The FoodisFree Project

Seven years ago I was very fortunate to partake in a local version of a broader global initiative called the FoodisFree project. The goal of the project is for communities to create food gardens in any open space for the community. I joined a meetup group that was trying launch one of these community gardens in the area. It was so cool to engage with a diverse set of like minded people who wanted to produce something of value. Very quickly we were able to find some open land in the area and get access to use it. The owner of land was the most awesomely gregarious person I’ve met; I think he was born with red bull in his blood! With help from a gardener, six of us were able to produce copious amounts of food. We produced spinach, kale, tomatoes, pumpkins, squash, etc, etc. The hardest part of the project was actually trying give the food away. I thought it was hilarious when you’d try to give away food and you get you a real suspicious look from the unsuspecting recipient.

Unfortunately, the project failed which was an absolute pity. Over a long December we didn’t tend to the garden, and when the owner returned in January to see an overgrown garden. He got upset and removed everything. It was a sad day and we should have been more diligent.

The effort taught me many things. It showed me how effectively a small inexperienced team can be, and how much we can accomplish when we work together. More than that, I was proud that we produced something amazing together. I was very happy about that. It is my biggest hope that one day we’ll start something similar again.

This project made me realize that it’s within our hands to produce food for everyone for free. This is one of the steps to bring about Freedom. Because if your nutritious food requirements are sorted, then you’re spending your money or Bitcoin on more important things like education. You’re moving up, not staying down. Food being Free is a step towards Freedom.

Food being Free is a step towards Freedom.

Big Greening

It seems to me that many many people want to see more of these types of projects come about. This idea of greening the planet to solve some big challenges makes total sense. Because plants solve so many challenges from deforestation, to carbon capture, to food production, health problems, to air quality, etc, etc. You name it. Plants provides big solutions to big problems. Hence, I’m thrilled to see more projects like these come about.

The Great Green Wall

I absolutely love this idea of of making a huge green strip of trees across Africa along the Sahara desert. A Great Green Wall that stretches from the east of Africa to the west would be a sight to behold.

The Great Green Wall

Just Digg It

This is another thought provoking African initiative that to aims to green Africa. The idea of JustDiggIt is so simple and compelling. Simply put, compacted soil is inefficient, so if we till the land, it allows for vegetation to more easily grow and the soil to hold more moisture. This results in a greener Africa. Simple yet so Profound.

Just Digg It

Team Trees

This is sweet project where the internet mobilises people for good. Here we’ve got a guy called Mr Beast reaching 20 million subscribers on Youtube , and then they ask him to plant 20 million trees. No one ever said success came cheap! Never one to shy away from a challenge Mr Beast actually goes ahead and makes the attempt to plant 20 million by January 2022. He started up the project TeamTrees where anyone can donate a dollar for a tree to be planted. When you donate to this one, you’re in good company because Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk donated. No doubt if they plant lots of fruit trees we’ll go along way to feeding the world population.

Mr Beast and the project


A world where Food is Free is within our grasp. It doesn’t take a Star Trek replicator to achieve this. We don’t have to wait for the future, when right now there are simple, common sense things we can do to feed everyone. It doesn’t a genius to do these things. Our connection to the earth is so ingrained in us that the simple act of planting a seed is part of our collective psyche. Let us leverage that and bring about a Green World.

Photo by Dan Gold on Unsplash


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