If Corporations Invest in Art, Shouldn't You?

I have worked in a number of corporations throughout my career, and I found it quite odd that many of them had these remarkable art galleries. It really took me by surprise, but nevertheless being an artist myself I was extremely happy to explore them. I never really enjoyed working in corporations so the opportunity to spend my lunch hours surrounded by art was fun. Perhaps I was distracted by the art but I never really asked myself why a bank or a telecommunications company would want art; until now. Continue reading If Corporations Invest in Art, Shouldn't You?

Why the World will be Vegan-ish

There are a lot of arguments for going Vegan. Off the top of my head I can think of five; climate change, animal welfare, enhanced health, addressing income inequality and spirituality. But there is another reason that doesn’t get touted enough. I believe that this reason hands down dictates that the world will be Vegan-ish. There is no doubt that this reason will in actuality be the driving force that turns the world Vegan-ish. The reason is quite an unexpected one : Economies of Scale! Continue reading Why the World will be Vegan-ish

ParkRuns and Plant Powered

I hate running! Or at least I used to hate it. All I recall about running is pain inflicted upon the body and mind. My sole thought after my first 5km run was : “Now I know why people invented cars!” However this opinion of my mine has radically changed over the past few months. I now appreciate running as something quite rewarding. I now see why people like it so much. Let me tell you what happened. Continue reading ParkRuns and Plant Powered