The Sun Exchange, Retirement and Investing for a Solar Future

The Sun Exchange will launching a new solar panel investment for a retirement home in Cape Town. This is a great idea because as a younger generation, we need to look after the older generation, as this demographic is going to have a massive impact on our nations very soon. More than we could possibly realize.


A Portrait of Tizina

This drawing is of one of our newest members at our Midrand Extraordinaires Toastmasters club. There’s been some very good improvements in my drawing techniques, but still there’s a lot more practice to do.

Growing yourself through Books

The insights contained inside of books are profound. They represent this brilliant record of all human history and thought. As much as I don’t like reading them, delving into them has delivered immense value, that has shaped my thoughts and views. After reading a good couple of them, you begin to realise you’re more a product of the books your read that anything else.